We are happy to report the Holiday App sales rush seems to be kicking in with November 11th being the best Monday sales day in over two months. Mondays are typically not a huge sales day, so this is especially significant.

The company just released its 3rd quarter report and we are pleased to announce 14% growth compared to last year and reaching 6 consecutive quarters of YOY growth. Expenses did grow as we tackle larger and more complicated apps for upcoming releases.

Speaking of which, our programmers reported today that there is a good chance the new Gary Zukav app will be submitted today to Apple for approval. Gary Zukav is a best-selling author and Oprah’s number one guest. Zukav’s famous book, The Seat of the Soul, published in 1989, was a #1 New York Times Best Seller for 31 weeks and remained on the list for three years.

Currently we are serving over 65,000 iAd impressions a day, up from about 37,000 last year at this time…that a YOY increase of 75%.

As competition heats up in the media app realm we have been exploring other types of apps to add to our portfolio.

We have a competitive bid in for an interesting app that is unlike anything we have done before, it is in the same category as SnapChat and Instagram:

“A Pew Research Center study released this morning finds that 9% of U.S. cell phone owners use Snapchat. The study also found that 18% of cell phone owners surveyed use Instagram.

Snapchat has never released its user numbers, though the study’s findings fit other recent indicators pointing to the app’s strength. On Friday, AllThingsD reported that the company was raising a round of funding at a $3.5 billion valuation.

Using the study’s findings that 92% of the U.S. population owns a cell phone, that 9% usage number translates into 26 million Snapchat users in the U.S. The company declined to confirm the figure. The 18% figure for Instagram similarly suggests 52 million users in the U.S. Instagram publicly claims to have 150 million monthly users worldwide, with 60% of them residing in the U.S. The company’s stated numbers imply 96 million U.S. users, well above the figure suggested by the Pew study.”-Forbes

Industry News

From Flurry:

In October of 2013, Softbank Capital made a $1.5B USD investment in Supercell, the maker of two successful mobile games, giving Softbank a 51% ownership of the game maker. This investment caught the world’s attention. It wasn’t just the rich $3B USD valuation Softbank placed on Supercell that intrigued onlookers, but more the speculation that Softbank and its CEO Masayoshi Son were onto a bigger trend.

Today, Softbank is the third largest wireless carrier in the world. So what does this investment signal about the big shift that Mr. Son is anticipating? At Flurry we believe he is placing bets on the Mobile Content Explosion that is taking place around us.

We believe that we have entered a new phase of mobile content explosion, driven by rapidly changing consumer behavior. Over the last two years, application developers and media companies have seen the shift from personal computers to smart mobile devices including phones and tablets that are now in the hands of over 1.2 billion people worldwide.

In fact, just on the Flurry platform the number of independently owned app developers that have a worldwide audience of over 20 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) has jumped from 7 in Q1 2012 to 32 in Q3 2013. That is whopping 357% growth in 18 months.

These numbers are simply unprecedented, especially because most of these app developers have risen organically, and not as a result of consolidation or through mergers and acquisitions. If anything, the market, its reach and the time spent on mobile is still with the “middle class”, or the mid-tail developers and content owners. Among the 1.2 billion device owners, app developers are finding millions of people to enjoy their apps and the content behind it.

Flurry’s numbers, which show the fast rise of app developers with large audiences, seem to indicate that worldwide, consumers with smart devices are still hungry for apps and mobile content, and app developers are building at increasing rates to feed this demand. We believe that once again, Softbank’s Masayoshi Son could once again be onto something really big.

Apple Insider:

Thanks to iPhone, Japan becomes Apple’s hottest market

With an estimated 37 percent of the smartphone market and 50 percent of the tablet market, Apple has seen explosive growth in Japan and the world’s third-largest economy is now Cupertino’s fastest-growing market, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Apple’s sales in Japan soared nearly 30 percent during the last fiscal year, cushioned by margins 15 percent higher than those Apple enjoys anywhere else in the world, according to the report. In comparison, nearby China — which is regularly cited as an important growth market for Apple by people both inside and outside the company — saw sales growth of just 13 percent over the same period.

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