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Metatron, Inc. (OTC:MRNJ)

NEW YORK, NY — March 09, 2017 — InvestorsHub NewsWire –We are pleased to report we received shares from Circa pictures (CPPD.) Metatron will be issuing a special stock distribution of Circa shares to Metatron shareholders as of record 3/26/2017, ratio 7 MRNJ to 1 CPPD, rounded up, pay date 4/8/2017, subject to FINRA approval.

Metatron continues to work with Circa Pictures toward the launch of its unique video crowdfunding platform for new movie, television, and streaming media projects. The Company is currently exploring opportunities for app and media distribution through Circa’s relationship with Zumm Everything Android and its proprietary streaming media player www.zummusa.com. Zumm will be an exhibitor at Salt Lake Comic Con on March 17th and 18th. Metatron will likely launch a new Self-Help/ Meditations App on the Zumm platform. Link to Zumm Promos:



Private Messenger App Vaporize 

The status of our encrypted private messenger app, called Vaporize, continues to move forward. We have completed most of the structure on the app, and are working to install the encryption layer for ultimate level of security, and privacy. Vaporize is an end-to-end encrypted messaging app that facilitate secure communication, and will delete, or ‘vaporize’ messages after being sent, provide anti-screenshot or forwarding features, to allow users to chat without fear of their history being stored Additional information on beta test release will be made available in the near future.

AppShop in-app platform Approved

We are please to report Apple has finally approved our new in-app platform AppShop in the first of a many apps to be updated with new system. In- apps generate 90% of sales on iTunes and we have hundreds of apps to update. We expect a significant increase in revenues once they are updated in the coming months, similar to a few years back when our first generation of apps were approved. New Relaxation App Download Here:


Mobile Rebranding 

The Company, through its mobile division i-Mobilize, plans to relaunch their mobile business in the specific areas of mobile encryption and security, and mobile applications for the growing cannabis and marijuana market. Under this new goal, the Company will keep its focus on a couple of dynamic concepts within the mobile market, and will look to reduce or shelve other projects to the back burner, which may be a smart move as to keep them focused on one or two projects at a time.

The Company has experience in developing over 2000+ mobile applications in the past years, which shows they can bring a project from concept, to development pretty quickly.

Industry News

Confide, an app that allows users to send disappearing encrypted messages, grew its user base sevenfold in one week after stories saying that Republicans in Washington, D.C., are using it to share information confidentially, said Confide President Jon Brod.

“Last week our users increased 7 times over the prior week, so just, explosive growth,” he said. The spike followed stories from multiple publications, including Axios and the Washington Post noting how the app is taking off among political operatives.

SnapChat currently commands a market cap of over $31 billion and the company generates about $400 million in annual revenue. Snap’s revenue growth rate is a lot higher than Facebook’s, demonstrating the market need to send messages that delete automatically, although not securely like our Vaporize app, and we expect industry growth will continue.

As of Feb. 28, 2017, the Company has roughly 60 million shares issued and outstanding, and is traded Over the Counter under the symbol “MRNJ”.

Download Apps 

People interested can view and download our current live apps focused on mental health and wellness by visiting the app stores below. We plan to update these apps in our upcoming relaunch, and will be adding a couple more to our list. Stay tuned!

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/i-mobilize-inc./id325075390

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Metatron+Inc


Metatron, Inc. is a leading mobile application company, which has experience in developing and launching more then 2000+ mobile apps in the past several years. Our core focus is developing mobile applications in dymanic growth sectors to include mobile encryption and security, credit card processing, next-gen Virtual Reality applications, SMS and consumer discount advertising, business automation, and the rapidly growing cannabis market. http://metatroninc.com

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