Digital Asset acquisition, development, and monetization.

Our strategically curated portfolio bridges the gap between traditional digital properties and the still untapped opportunity of the metaverse.

Areas of Focus

We have a long history of being ahead of the curve.

Web Properties

An ever expanding collection of strategically acquired domain names and websites that include well established points of interest and newly emerging niches.

Mobile Apps

A catalog of thousands of native iOS and Android apps representing millions in sales and securing prominent app store listing placements.

AI Apps

Our Artificial Intelligence Application Division (AIAD) is engaged in developing AI powered industry specific solutions to meet the evergrowing worldwide demand.


Aggressively speculative holdings that include virtual real estate, exclusive art works & partnerships, and various digital currency positions.

We Keep Our Strategy Simple.

Digital assets are complicated enough.


Identifying and executing on the right opportunities at the right time is imperative to building long-term value.


A deep understanding of platforms and possibilities allows us to deliver product-market fit in a cost effective way.


Extensive experience in conversion and customer retention shapes our strategies and helps to deliver consistent ROI.